Georgia’s Thriving Refugee and Immigrant Community. Immigrants and refugees make up over 10% of Georgia’s population and play a critical role in the state’s economy. 

Foreign Born Residents by County GA (1).
  • Georgia has the 9th largest immigrant population in the U.S., with Atlanta ranked as #2 region in the nation for foreign-born population growth.

  • In 2018, immigrants in Georgia held $26.3 billion in spending power and paid $9.8 billion in local, state and federal taxes.

  • Georgians who are foreign-born make up a substantial portion of Georgia voters, with nearly ½ million eligible to vote in the state.

  • Georgia has one of the most successful refugee resettlement programs in the country. Approximately, 90% of refugee households are working and self-sufficient within 6 months of arrival.

The Vital Partnership Between Georgia’s Business & Immigrant Communities. Georgia businesses have developed a powerful partnership with the state’s refugee and immigrant community, investing heavily in the foreign-born workforce.  Refugee and immigrant workers are even more vital today, during a period of economic growth and workforce shortages.
  • 1 in 7 Georgia workers is foreign-born.

  • Foreign-born Georgians own 31% of Georgia’s main street businesses, despite comprising only 10% of the population.

  • During today’s rural healthcare crisis, more than 10% of nurses and medical assistants and 17% of doctors are immigrants.

  • Georgia’s poultry industry contributes more than $18.4 billion to the economy each year and relies heavily on foreign-born labor.  

  • 73% percent of US businesses employing refugees reported a higher retention rate for refugees than for other employees.

  • Today, Georgia refugee serving agencies report they can no longer fill the number of requests for refugee workers coming from businesses across the state.