Georgia Business & Immigration News

June 7, 2022

GPTC to Provide Seamless Education & Employment Access for Immigrants, Refugees

For eight years running, Georgia has been named the number one state in the nation in which to do business. But with that accolade comes a persistent challenge – serving the increasingly diverse Peach State population...


Metro Atlanta CEO

April 8, 2022

The BIG Partnership Celebrates the Progress of 2022 Session

The 2022 Georgia Legislative Session was a year of encouraging progress for the BIG Partnership and its efforts to build a growing, bipartisan movement committed to ensuring all Georgians can achieve their potential and contribute...


BIG Partnership

March 26, 2022

Opinion: Georgia must explore immigration reform to keep workforce, economy growing

Two years in, it is clear that the pandemic has created never before seen or expected challenges for our workforce and economy. While state leaders reconvene under the Gold Dome to address a number of priorities, tackling the...


Former Rep. David Casas, AJC

March 26, 2022

Opinion: Strengthening Georgia’s global talent quest

Even before COVID-19 hit our borders and changed virtually every business plan and legislative priority, the battle for talent was being fought across every industry sector around the world. Communities, states, and nations that...

Image by Ernie Journeys

Chris Clark, Verónica Maldonado-Torres, AJC

February 25, 2022

BIG Partnership Statement on Hearing for House Bill 932

On Wednesday, a cross-section of members of Georgia’s veteran, business, faith, refugee and immigrant communities voiced their support for House Bill 932 to help refugees and foreign-born allies resume their educations here in Georgia...


CRSA, BIG Partnership

February 25, 2022

House bill would be a win-win for refugees and the state

When someone is willing to put their life on the line to help your cause, it is only right to offer them a hand up when they are in a time of need. Georgia did that when America withdrew...


Daily Editorial, The Brunswick News

February 24, 2022

Georgia lawmakers favor tuition bill for refugee college students

Several state lawmakers voiced their support Wednesday for legislation that would make it easier for refugees to pay tuition at Georgia’s public colleges and universities...


Eric Stirgus, AJC