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Name: Tariku Kebede

Living In: U.S.A., Atlanta

Skill: Web design and Web development,


HI, I am Tariku, an Immigrant from Ethiopia. I came to U.S.A. because I won a DV lottery. Thanks to God. When I was in Ethiopia, I studied Economics and worked for Ethiopia revenue and customs. When I was there, life was still good, but I could not help family, so I filled a DV lottery to see where my luck can take me. Fortunately, I won the lottery. And here I am in U.S.A. even if God gave us all the great things (our brain as a human, our eyes, oxygen, water, food, etc.…) for free, I counted this one as the greatest blessing. Let Thanks be to God again and again and again. After I came to U.S.A., I started to work for supermarket, then Uber, then looking for a job now. I started to learn web development at Friends of Refugees at Clarkston. I got good friends and knowledge there. I also could become a TA for some time after graduation. I really want to say “Thank you” for all friends at Friends of Refugees at Clarkston. Their help was invaluable for my improvement in web development and communication skills. After I graduated from there, I started to learn more on udemy, teamTreehouse, pluralSight, and courseera. 

Lastly, I would like to say that I am happy that I could contribute for as a web developer. Thanks to Stephen Assink, Kevin Abel, and Darlene Lynch.


Tariku Kebede


linkedIn: tariku-kebede

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